Advanced Settings

Advanced settings for data integrity.

The web analytics world is complex due to the multitude of type of websites, webform providers, CMS platforms, landing page builders. They all come with their own properties and events naming policies. Fortunately, there are some common syntaxes that we use to facilitate the data matching between AnyTrack and Google Analytics event properties.

Google Analytics event properties and the values we pass to each:

  • Event Category: AnyTrack Conversion
  • Event Action: at.callToAction, at.lead, at.CPA,, at.install
  • Event Label: Link name, Link URL, Link ID, offer name, brand name, form name
  • Event Value: conversion value received by the affiliate network (rounded), default to 0
To simplify the process you can import the Goal Template we have shared on the Google Analytics Template Gallery.

Form submission and tracking

Prerequisites to track forms submissions:
  • If you want to pass and store the Click ID variable to your email marketing software, CRM, lead generation partners, you will need to add a hidden field to your form as well as in your CRM/email marketing platform.
    • Hidden field
    • Field Name: Click ID
    • Field default value: {click_id} (if your form provider doesn't allow curly brackets {} you can add the value in encoded format %7Bclick_id%7D).
  • Form name, Form ID

Example: Instapage hidden field named click_id and default value {click_id}

Instapage hidden field setup

Reports & Analytics

We push all conversion and event data to Google Analytics (GA) so you can use standard reporting features provided by Google Analytics to analyze your campaigns and site's performances.

AnyTrack reports two types of conversions to Google Analytics:

Onsite Conversions

Those are the conversions and events happening on your site.
  • Call To Action clicks: the clicks on the affiliate / offer links
  • Forms submissions: Any form submitted through your site which carries the {click_id} value.

Offsite conversions

Any conversions sent from an external source and captured by the AnyTrack postback URL. In most cases, it will be an affiliate program firing a conversion.
Conversion data can be filtered across most reports of Google Analytics dimensions using the Event Action, Event Category and Event Label.
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