How AnyTrack processes currencies and streamlines your conversion data across your marketing tools.

AnyTrack ingests all currencies and converts them in real-time to your workspace default currency.

How the multi-currency feature works

AnyTrack's API and postback URL receives conversion data from networks which includes the payout currency.

  • Once the payout and currency is ingested by AnyTrack it converts the value based on the previous day official exchange rate.

  • Then AnyTrack will send the conversion with the default currency to your analytics, pixels and ad networks, with your default currency.

  • Each pixel / Ad networks then processes the revenue and currency according to your account settings.

Unless you specify a default currency, AnyTrack will convert everything into USD.

Google Analytics

In your property has a currency setting and it will automatically convert the currency sent by AnyTrack into your property currency.

Facebook pixel and Conversion API

The Facebook API processes currencies according to what is being sent in the API call and will display the revenues according to your default currency.

Unless you want to specify a default currency in your account, you can leave things as they are since the currency conversion is being handled automatically on the way in and on the way out.

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