Pretty Links Integration with AnyTrack

How to integrate Pretty Links with AnyTrack and track your sales conversions in Google Analytics.

Pretty Links is a very popular Wordpress plugin that allows you to easily manage your affiliate links. It is widely used by affiliate marketers as it allows to streamline their affiliate link management.

The fact that Pretty Links does not track your conversions should not prevent you from using it.

Link shorteners and link management plugins like Pretty Links do not track conversions, sales or revenues. They are useful to manage your affiliate links, and make your links "prettier".

If you are not currently using a Wordpress plugin to manage your affiliate links, you should consider using the AnyTrack affiliate plugin management plugin.

💡 Since Pretty Links does not track affiliate sales, using AnyTrack alongside Pretty Links can provide you powerful analytics and metrics.


  • You need to have the free or premium version of Pretty Links plugin installed on your Wordpress.

  • You need to have the AnyTrack tracking code installed on your site.

  • Add a new link

  • Select the redirect method 302 or 307

  • Add the target URL and edit the slug

Remove any subid parameter from the target URL as AnyTrack automatically adds it.

  • Open the Advanced settings and enable parameter forwarding

  • Save / Publish the link

As opposed to other link management plugins, Pretty Links doesn't have a global setting for enabling Parameter Forwarding. So you will have to manually update each of your links.

Assuming you already have links published on your website you will have to update the link attributes according to the link tracking settings of each affiliate network.

As of November 2020, the AutoScan Function will automatically scan your links and tag them according to their affiliate networks settings. AutoScan is part of the Redirectless tracking feature.

  • Open the affiliate network tab

  • Select the affiliate network you've already integrated.

  • Open the Click Tracking tab

  • Copy (ctrl+c) the link attribute ex: hasoffers, impact, shareasale, awin

  • Paste (ctrl+v) the attribute in the rel tag

<a href="" rel="sponsored nofollow impact" data-brand="leadpages" >landing page builder</a>
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