CJ Affiliates Integration

Learn how to integrate CJ Affiliates in your AnyTrack account, so you can automatically track and sync your conversions with Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion API.

CJ Affiliates (also known as Commission Junctions or cj.com) is one of the oldest and reputable affiliate programs. It was founded in the '90s, went public, got acquired and is now part of the Publicis Group.

How to integrate CJ Affiliates with AnyTrack:

  1. Get a developer account in CJ (click here)

  2. Create a Personal Token

  3. In AnyTrack navigate to the CJ Affiliates API integration

  4. Paste your Personal token and publisher ID

  5. Save

Once you've saved the settings, AnyTrack will attempt to connect to the CJ API. If the connection is successful your account will be set as verified and your conversion data will start syncing between your CJ account and AnyTrack.

Only future conversions will be recorded. Past traffic cannot be attributed.

CJ Affiliates (Commission Junction) Postback URL

Commission Junction Postback URL was once called server to server tracking, but this feature has been deprecated in 2019. The rumor says that some affiliates still have access to the postback url, but it is unclear whether this is true or not.

For this reason, AnyTrack has integrated CJ Affiliates through their API.

As outlined in the affiliate link tracking section, the AnyTrack Tag will automatically identify affiliate links on your site, according to two criteria:

  1. If you've published your links directly on your site (not behind any link redirects)

  2. According to a link attribute called data-tracking-group="cj"

More info about link attributes here

Affiliate Link Tracking

Frequently asked Questions about CJ Affiliates

Does CJ Affiliates have an Postback URL?

No. CJ Affiliates does not have the postback url tracking (server side tracking) method.

Can I connect multiple CJ Affiliate Accounts in AnyTrack?

Yes, on the Advanced Plan, you can connect multiple CJ Accounts.

What is the subid parameter used by CJ?

The Subid parameter used by CJ is sid.

What are the parameters tracked and reported in AnyTrack for CJ Conversions?

  • Click ID

  • Conversion Type

  • Currency

  • Commission

  • Brand Name

  • Advertiser

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