Conversion logic

Learn how AnyTrack process conversion data and automatically map it to standard events.

Because conversions sources have their own terminology, type of events and parameters, AnyTrack processes the conversion data and in some cases it applies some logic.

Conversion Type:

Anytrack triggers conversions according to the parameter conversion_typeset in the postback URL.

For example: `conversion_type=lead`

Smart logic:

In some cases, the affiliate network doesn't have a parameter that defines the conversion type. It's the case for Tune (formerly known as Hasoffers).

The Tune platform can fire multiple conversion types for each offer. For example, lead, subscription and recurring sale.

As a marketer, you might want to know the conversion from lead to subscription.

By placing the AnyTrack postback URL in your hasoffers account and for each conversion goal, AnyTrack will trigger the following conversions.

  • Lead: when a conversion is triggered with a 0 commission value.

  • completed registration: When the same click_id triggers an additional conversion with a >0 commission value.

  • Purchase: when the same click_id triggers a further conversion with a >0 commission value.

Transaction ID

AnyTrack uses the affiliate networks transaction_id parameter to deduplicate or increment conversions for recurring sales.

For example, if the postback sends the same conversion type with the same transaction_id AnyTrack will discard the conversion.

If the network doesn't use a transaction_id please refrain from adding one.

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