How to integrate an affiliate program running on the Phonexa lead management system.

Phonexa is a lead management system software powering some of the top financial and lending companies. When you integrate AnyTrack with your Phonexa account, you instantly push live conversion data to your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and your ad networks such as Google Ads and Taboola.

Phonexa is integrated in AnyTrack so you can quickly and easily start tracking your campaigns.

Similar to most affiliate networks, conversions are recorded by AnyTrack using a predefined Postback URL that is provided in your AnyTrack account.

Phonexa form tracking

The phonexa form is fully integrated with the AnyTrack TAG. Therefore, the settings are minimal.

  • The AnyTrack TAG is on the head section of your site

  • The Phonexa Params tracking code located in the advanced settings of the form settings.

  • The AnyTrack postback URL is set in your phonexa account.

<script src=""></script>

Tracked events:

  1. Form submission - when the visitor fills the form on your site.

  2. Acquisition - when phonexa fires the AnyTrack Postback URL.

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