Facebook Server-Side API (legacy)

This article is exclusively for users that have created assets before July 23rd 2020


Assets integrated with Facebook until July 23rd 2020 received the following Events.

Server-side Events

Conversion events received from third party systems (affiliate networks, ecommerce, CRM, API) are send to the Facebook Server-Side API end point.

Generic AnyTrack Event

  • AnyTrack Event

The AnyTrack Event is a generic event which carries rich conversion data such as, the advertiser name, brand name, conversion type, utm_source. You can see the payload below.

    "event_time": 1595572500,
      "event_id": "XjkjOMNTvpzlmAIOXKyiP4",
      "event_name": "AnyTrack Event",
      "event_source_url": "https://www.yourlandingpage.foo/go/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=xxx&utm_content=hello",
      "custom_data": {
        "value": 13,
        "currency": "USD",
        "order_id": "iycxgmhuSKX0wjjvkO28NZ",
        "content_name": "Lead",
        "content_category": "Walmart",
        "at_click_id": "iycxgmhuSKX0wjjvkO28NZ",
        "at_link_type": "typeform",
        "at_source": "facebook",
        "at_brand_name": "iPhone Cover",
        "at_transaction_id": "2677073821"

During the integration and upon selecting the Ad Account and Pixel to associate with your property, we created custom conversions for each of the conversion types AnyTrack covers.

The reason a Generic Event was sent, was to cover for all conversion types sent to AnyTrack, and to give you the ability to create a custom conversion that would include all conversions that generated a monetary value.

Since working with affiliate network implies that you might be rewarded according to various conversion types, users pointed out that not having the ability to have one single conversion type to use as the campaign objective would not allow them to optimize their campaign with maximum agility.

Platform Upgrade

To give you even more flexibility, we have upgraded the platform to enable you to send Facebook Standard Events.

The reason behind this update, was to allow continuity of your current campaigns and seamlessly plug the anytrack conversion data to your current data set.

New Assets

Upon creating new assets, by default the AnyTrack conversions will be mapped to the Facebook Standard Events.

You will be able to remap these Events according to your business needs or use one single event.

Accordingly, AnyTrack will send the conversions data to the Facebook Conversion API. You will then be able to leverage the data and you'll be able to access, use and leverage the data as you see fit.

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