ClickBank Instant Notification Services

How to integrate AnyTrack with ClickBank and track sales inside Facebook Ads, Google Ads and all your marketing tools.

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is one of the largest and oldest affiliate network, servicing thousands of advertisers, product owners, creators and merchants.

Hundreds of thousands of affiliates promote ClickBank products primarily in english speaking countries, but also across the world.

What is the Instant Notification Service?

ClickBank offers an Instant Notification service that notifies you of transactions within the ClickBank system for your account. It sends data to you in a near real-time fashion for the following events: Sale – The sale of a standard product or initial sale of a recurring product.

It's similar to what is commonly known as a webhook, or a postback URL, and it's the most accurate and fastest way to track conversions occuring in ClickBank.

How does the ClickBank AnyTrack integration works?

The primary goal of the integration is to enable you to track every single conversion from ClickBank and send it to your analytics and pixels, so you can measure your ads, build audiences, and create lookalike audiences in ad networks that support this feature.


You need the following before you can get started

  • An AnyTrack account.

  • A website where you can place the AnyTrack TAG (typically a landing page, funnel, website)

  • A ClickBank affiliate account with an offer ready to be promoted.

  • Connected pixels on your AnyTrack account (facebook conversion API, Google Analytics)

When you integrate your ClickBank account in AnyTrack:

  1. ClickBank "hop links" on your site will be tracked as an outboundclick event.

  2. ClickBank links will be autotag with a tracking id tid=asdfasd98a0sd98f.

  3. Order page views events will be tracked as lead .

  4. Successful sales will be tracked as purchase events in AnyTrack.

  5. Subsequent Sales such as UPSELL will be tracked as purchase events.

Because UPSELL events are not considered as "standard events", if you would like to send them to your analytics or pixels under a different events label, you will need to map them accordingly.

All tracked events will be sent to your advertising and analytics integrations.

Step by step guide to connect ClickBank and AnyTrack:

In AnyTrack:

  1. Navigate to the integration catalog

  2. Search for ClickBank

  3. Click on Install the integration

  4. Copy (ctrl+c) the postback url

In ClickBank

  1. Navigate to your settings

  2. Edit the Instant Notification Service tab

  3. Paste ctrl+v the AnyTrack postback

  4. Write the ANYTRACK in the secret key field

  5. Make sure the Version 7.0 is selected

  6. Hit the TEST button

You must test Upon hitting the test button, ClickBank will trigger an API call to AnyTrack server. You can see in the Debugger, the call with a OK notification.

💡 AnyTrack is a redirectless tracking software. Therefore, you do not need to change your links, or use any special redirection plugin, or click tracking software.

💡 Redirectless Tracking

AnyTrack is a redirectless tracking platform. Therefore, you do not need to change your links, or use any special redirection plugin, or click tracking software. Read more.

If your ClickBank links are published on the site where you've added the AnyTrack tag, they will be automatically tracked and tagged.

Each click on ClickBank links will trigger an outboundclick event in AnyTrack and will be sent to your connected analytics and pixels.

Redirectless tracking

Order form tracking

If you would like to track the number of times people load the order form and get a more granular view of your funnel, you should follow these instructions.

  1. Open the Integrated Sales Reporting

  2. Select Type: Tracking pixel

  3. Paste (ctrl+v) the Anytrack postback url

  4. Select Affiliate

  5. Select Order Form

  6. Save

Do not select the Confirmation Page.

How are the Sales tracked in Google Analytics and Facebook

As soon as you've completed the integration with ClickBank, all events happening on your site as well as conversions reported by ClickBank will be send to AnyTrack, and from AnyTrack they will be relayed to your connected Analytics and pixels.

Analytics & Pixels Event mapping

AnyTrack automatically tracks 5 standard events, and maps them to standard or custom events in you connected pixels and analytics.

Onsite events (we call these events Engagements)

  • Outbound click - Clicks on affiliate links, or links that have the sponsored or nofollow attributes.

  • Form Submission - Any form submission on your site will trigger a formsubmit event.

Offsite events (Events coming from Clickbank backend / payment system)

  • Lead - Any conversion with 0 value

  • Purchase - Any subsequent conversion with value > 0

ClickBank Custom Purchase Events

ClickBank enables you to track additional conversion data on your sales activity. Events such as UPSELL and BILL are categorized separately so you can use them to better measure the effectiveness of your ads.

By default, any sales event will be mapped to the standard purchase event. However, if you would like to map the UPSELL and BILL events to different conversion events, you can use the custom event names on your pixel.

How to map ClickBank custom events to Facebook Conversion API

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Pixel Configuration

  2. Add a custom event: UPSELL

  3. Map the UPSELL event to a standard event or custom event name

  4. Map the BILL event to a standard event or custom event name

  5. Save

If you've mapped the UPSELL and BILL events to custom event names, you need to "setup goals" in order to create the custom conversions in your Facebook Pixel.

Because you've created custom events in your Facebook Pixel Integration, you can now map the UPSELL and BILL events to the new custom events.

  1. Map the UPSELL event to the custom event showing in the drop down.

  2. Map the BILL event to the custom event showing in the drop down.

Conversions are deduplicated using the transaction ID provided by the conversion source.

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