Convertri Integration

How to track your Convertri funnels with AnyTrack and send your conversions to Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other ad networks.

About Convertri

Convertri is a funnel builder that allows you to easily build and manage your funnels, without the need of any technical assistance or coding.

About AnyTrack

AnyTrack is a conversion tracking platform that allows performance marketers to track and attribute their conversions across their marketing tools, ad networks and analytics providers.

Leveraging first party data and server side tracking, AnyTrack integrates seamlessly with any marketing stack, ecommerce, affiliate network or API.

About the AnyTrack <> Convertri Integration

The AnyTrack / Convertri Integration allows you to track each and every conversion step of your marketing funnels, and sync these conversions across to your analytics, ad networks and other marketing tools.

What are the benefits of the AnyTrack <> Covertri integration:

Because the conversion funnel often ends on a third party system (payment cart, affiliate network, ecommerce platform), marketers must maintain the data flow in order to attribute the conversions to the initial touch point.

AnyTrack enables marketers to fully automate the conversion data flow from and across any marketing stack, domains or business apps.

How does the AnyTrack / Converti works:

  1. As you add your AnyTrack Tag on your Convertri funnel, onsite events such as form submissions and outbound clicks to partner / product links will be tracked and sent to your analytics and pixels.

  2. Subsequent conversions from third party platforms (affiliate networks, eCommerce or third party apps), will be tracked by AnyTrack, and attributed to their initial touch point.

  3. Conversions are then automatically sent to analytics and ad network conversion api (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).

  4. You can then optimize your ads according to conversion values, types or all of them together.

Step #1: Add a property to your AnyTrack account

A property is what represent the website or domain you are promoting. You don't have to create a property for each funnel, as long as they are on the same domain or subdomain.

  1. Create a property with its settings (name, domain, currency, timezone)

  2. Copy (ctrl+c) the AnyTrack Tag


Step #2: Add the AnyTrack Tag to Convertri.

Convertri lets you add your "scripts" at the account, domain, funnel or page level. We recommend adding it at the Domain level which will automatically set the Tag on all funnels created under this domain.

Note also: Once you add the tag at the domain level, Convertri recommends that you "republish" all your funnels in order for the TAG to propagate.

  1. Open the domain tab

  2. Click on the " edit scripts" then Add a domain script

    1. Set a name and a description (optional)

    2. Select "run on page load"

    3. Select script position "head"

  3. Paste (ctrl+v) the AnyTrack TAG.

  4. Save

From now on, Outbound Clicks to affiliate links or product links will be tracked automatically, and sent to your analytics and ad network's pixels.

Due to the way converti triggers the form submission events, you will have to trigger the form submission event using the custom form tracking script.

Step #3: Setting up your funnels

With AnyTrack, you don't need to make any special configurations, or change the way your funnels are set up.

As soon as the AnyTrack tag is on your funnel, you can check your Google Analytics dashboard to see the real-time events being triggered.

Next steps:

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Questions about the convertri <> AnyTrack integration

Do I need to add my Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel on my funnel?

Yes. AnyTrack will collect the GA and FB signals and tie them to your AnyTrack data.

Do I need to make special configurations on my Facebook or GA pixels?

No. AnyTrack handles all data collection and event tracking for you.

What do I need to do to send my affiliate conversions (clickbank and others) to Facebook or Google Ads?

Once your AnyTrack TAG is on your funnel, and your affiliate accounts are connected in AnyTrack, the conversion data will automatically be sent to your analytics and ad networks pixels.

Why do I need to integrate my Google Analytics account with AnyTrack if i run on Google Ads?

Google Analytics is an extension of Google Ads, as it allows you to build highly targeted custom audiences that you can target in Google Ads.

Can I add Anytrack Tag in Google Tag Manager?

Yes. AnyTrack can be added in GTM like any other standard tracking tag.

Google Analytics integration

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