LeadsHook Integration

How to integrate AnyTrack with LeadsHook Decision Tree platform

LeadsHook is a Decision Tree platform (Comparable to a Quiz) that allows you to qualify, filter and bring your leads to provide you relevant information.

The Decision Tree is an interactive form, generated through a JavaScript. Therefore, there is an inherent complexity to pass life tracking information that will be further used in third party systems like lead management platform - i.e. LeadsByte.

About LeadsHook

LeadsHook is a decision tree making software delivered as a software as a service. Makes Your Marketing Enticing & Relevant Create interactive experiences across your entire customer journeys using decision trees. Individualise your lead magnets using text, images, videos, charts, and calculations!

The conversion and dataflow

  1. Visitors land on your landing page

  2. Visitors Clicks to start the Decision Tree

  3. AnyTrack AutoTrack an Outbound Click Event to your analytics and pixels.

  4. Visitor goes through te decision tree

  5. Upon form submission:

    1. AnyTrack AutoTracks the Form Submission Event to your Analytics and pixels

    2. LeadsHook pushes the lead data to external tools such as:

      1. Email marketing software

      2. Lead management platforms

      3. API, Zapier, Integromat etc..

  6. When the lead is accepted by the Lead management software:

    1. The Lead Management software fires the AnyTrack Postback URL with a Lead Event

    2. AnyTrack records the Lead conversion and fires the event to your analytics and pixels

  7. When the lead is "sold" to a lead buyer

  8. The lead management software fires the AnyTrack Postback URL with a CompleteRegistration Event

What you should know:

  1. AnyTrack will automatically create and pass a click_id value into your decision tree.

  2. You are responsible to update the JSON payload passed to your lead management system with the click_id data (code provided below).

Setup instructions

If you don't have a property in AnyTrack, it's time to create it following the on-screen instructions. Watch the tutorial here.

  1. Log in your LeadsHook account

  2. Open the Script Settings and add a new Script.

    1. Paste the AnyTrack TAG in the script settings of leadshook.

    2. Save

  3. Navigate to Admin > Custom Fields > Form

  4. Add a new Custom Field following the steps below

  5. Open the Decision Tree and add the newly created field to your form.

The click_id custom field is crucial to the tracking flow as it will enable LeadsHook to store the click_id value and pass it back to the AnyTrack Postback URL.

Passing the AnyTrack ID to your lead management system

If you are using Zapier to push your leads to your lead management system and if you have created the custom field click_id you will immediately see the parameter in your Zaps.

You will then have to map the field to the appropriate field in your lead management system.

Using LeadByte

If you are using LeadByte, you should pass the parameter to one of the additional parameters such as c3 or you can create a custom parameter in leadbyte if you want to use it.

In the example below, you can see that we've added "c3":"{click_id}" key value pair to the JSON file configured to be sent to LeadByte.


After you pass the c3 parameter you LeadByte you should create a new LeadByte integration in AnyTrack and collect your purchases and leads directly from LeadByte.

Using AnyTrack

If you want to forward your leads directly to AnyTrack, follow the setps below:

  1. Create a custom affiliate network (name/url)

  2. Set the Postback placeholders according to the following guidelines:

AnyTrack Field



Click ID


the anytrack click id



the value of the lead



the Lead ID set by Leadshook



the decision tree name

Upon saving you should get the following postback URL


⚠️ Do not change the query parameters as it will prevent conversions from being synced.


In LeadsHook:

This step will allow you to fire a Form Submission Event to AnyTrack when someone completes the Decision Tree.

If you are using Zapier, you can skip this part and jump to the Zapier integration here.

  1. Open the Decision Tree

  2. Select the node which represents the final step of the quiz. i.e. where the final form submission occurs.

  3. Add a script:

    1. Name it : AnyTrack Form Submit

    2. Type: Postback URL

    3. Event: Enter

    4. Paste the AnyTrack Postback URL (as provided by AnyTrack)

    5. Save & Exit

You can now test your decision tree and see the conversions in your AnyTrack account.

You can also see the exact conversion payload in the affiliate network debugger tab.

Zapier integration

If you use zapier, you can import the following template which will trigger a form submission event for each new lead recorded in LeadsHook.

  1. Click on the Zapier template link

  2. Update the authentication with your own LeadsHook account

  3. Update the Webhook URL with your AnyTrack Postback URL (the URL until the question mark)



AnyTrack's affiliate network debugger lets you see the conversion data in near real-time. In the debugger you can see both valid and invalid conversions.

The most common invalid error is when the click_id value isn't passed to AnyTrack.

Form Submissions conversion triggers an error

  • You did not create the click_id custom field in Leadshook

  • You did not add the click_id custom field to the decision tree form

  • You changed the postback URL query strings.

  • You did not add the AnyTrack TAG to both the site and the Decision Tree.

Conversion Errors from your lead management system (leadbyte, or others).

  • You did not update the json parameters to pass the click_id to the lead management API call.

  • You did not update your Zap to pass the click_id parameter

  • You did not update the fields to be passed back to AnyTrack to include the click_id.

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