How AnyTrack works with link trackers plugins

This section describes how to setup AnyTrack with third party link trackers such as Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliates.

Link trackers are very popular since they allow you to manage your affiliate links from a single place. Some of the link trackers have very extensive features that provide you with analytics insights, but do not provide real conversion data.

When you integrate AnyTrack with link redirector, you instantly enrich your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Conversion API, and other pixels with complete and real conversion data.

How it works?

When you add the AnyTrack data-tracking-group link attribute to your links, during the click event, AnyTrack will automatically append the querystring and click_id value to the redirect link. During the redirect, the link redirector will forward the query string and click_id parameter to the affiliate link.

When the conversion occurs in the affiliate program, AnyTrack will capture the conversion data - such as the conversion value, conversion type, transaction id, conversion status, brand name and sync it with your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Conversion tracking requires that a unique tracking identifier be passed to the affiliate link, so that upon conversion, the affiliate network can send the unique identifier along with the conversion data. When the conversion data is collected by AnyTrack, the unique identifier is used to attribute the conversion to the the initial click and visit.

The unique identifier that we call the Click ID is appended to the affiliate link, along with a predetermined query string commonly called Subid.*

Each affiliate network has its own subid query string, but you don't have to worry about this since AnyTrack automatically maps and does the job for you with the AutoTag Feature.

Example: Impact (FKA Impact Radius)


When your links are published as-is on your site, AnyTrack will automatically identify them according to which affiliate network they belong to and append the subid query string accordingly.

The link is AutoTageged when the page loads.

AnyTrack will automatically identify your affiliate links according to link attributes associated with the link.

In this example, we have created a Pretty Link and added the Impact Radius affiliate link. We have published the link and added a link attribute directly in the HTML.

Attribute type

Tracking Group





Affiliate network identification




Identify the product / brand


<a href="" data-brand="leadpages" rel="sponsored impact">landing page builder</a>

➡️ See it live on the site here

Manual Subid

When you manually add the subid and {click_id} on one of your link.

This method implies that you know which subid is used by the affiliate network.

➡️ AnyTrack will substitute the macro {click_id} with a unique dynamic value.{click_id}

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