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How AnyTrack integrates with your Pixels and Analytics.

Pixels and Analytics integrations are where AnyTrack sends your conversion data. The most popular among them are the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

By connecting AnyTrack with your pixels, you can tie any type of engagement or conversion events with your web analytics, and leverage your conversion data within the ad networks.

Each pixel and analytics has its own settings, but for the most part they follow the same setup flow.

We strongly recommend to follow onboarding process which will guarantee an accurate and fault free setup. In most cases, the setup is as simple as clicking "next" & "save" and instructions are provided for each step.

Pixels & Analytics functions

  • Track and measure your website marketing performances.

  • Build custom audiences for retargeting campaigns.

  • Attribute conversions and revenues to your ad campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).

  • Advanced reporting & Analytics.

  • Multi-channel attribution modeling and reporting.

AnyTrack integration foundation

To tie your conversion data with your pixels, both AnyTrack and the pixels need to be present on your site.

Define your pixel or Tracking ID (UA-989899d8f)

To enable AnyTrack to send conversion data to your pixel, you need to set each pixel ID into your AnyTrack dashboard.

Conversion events mapping

Because conversions originates from various sources - ecommerce, affiliate networks, API, CRMs - and are labeled differently AnyTrack remaps these event names to standard Event Names. Yet, because each pixel might have its own Event Names you can either use the Standard Names or remap them to suit your business needs.

If you decide to use custom names, AnyTrack will create via API, the custom conversion events in your pixel / analytics accounts.

The Event Labels by Event Source

  • AnyTrack Events - The labels and conversion types they represent

  • Conversion Source Events - The labels sent by the conversion sources - ecommerce, affiliate networks.

  • Pixel Events - The conversion types standard Events

AnyTrack Events

Conversion Source Events

Pixel Events




When visitors click on product links or affiliate links.




When visitors submit a form on your site.


lead, cpl, demo


When a conversion is sent by a third party system. ex: clickbank


cpa, registration, FTD


When a conversion is sent by a third party system ex: clickbank


sale, puchase, payment


When a sale event is sent by a third party system like clickbank, cj.


download, install, app install


When a conversion is sent by a third party system and labeled download, install

Rich Conversion data

Each conversion holds important data, which can be further used in your marketing campaign. As we've seen above, the conversion type is crucial as it allows you to optimize your campaign according to each conversion goal or product that triggered the conversion.

Conversion data:

  • Conversion type

  • Conversion value

  • Conversion Transaction ID (from the conversion source)

  • Brand Name - The product or advertiser name

  • Conversion Location - The last page the visitor saw before converting.

These values are available in each analytics / pixel reporting application, and can be used to segment your data and/ or create audiences for retargeting campaigns.

Integration steps for Analytics & Pixel Integrations.

  1. Connect with the analytics pixel - Authentication (Oauth) for FB and GA integration.

  2. Enable Server-Side tracking (to send conversion data from third party systems ex: ClickBank)

  3. Save or remap the conversion events names.

  4. Open the Google Ads Tab.

  5. Copy the tracking template and add it to your Ad account.

How to connect AnyTrack with Google Analytics

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