Free redirection plugin by one of Wordpress developer!

The redirection plugin has been built by a developer. And not any developer. A developer that actually works for the company Automatic (the owner of Wordpress).

Redirection is a straight forward plugin that does what it's meant to be doing. Redirects.:)

The plugin is 100% free, and you can even download the source code and build your own version of the plugin.

Since the plugin was built by a developer to fulfil advanced settings, they've packed it with advanced features. If you have coding skills you are going to love it.

I've decided to list it here, not because it's free or better, but because their regex function allows to work with Partnerize links.

In order to setup offer links redirection, please use the following settings:

  1. Source URL - The link path you want to create, for example: /best-offer

  2. Query Parameters - Choose Ignore & pass parameters to the target so our click id will be forward to the offer link

  3. Target URL - Here you should put the full offer link, for eample:

  4. Advance Options:

    1. HTTP Code - Here you can choose 302 or 307 to mark the redirect as non-permanent.

The final result should look as following:

Save and test the link is working on your website.

Please allow the AutoScan a few hours in order to scan the link and auto attribute it.

In case you haven't seen these links, they are quite unique and do not follow the standard query string parameters that you are used to.

Redirection allows you to work with these links, even tough they do not use the standard "question mark" to separate the URL path and the affiliate links / parameters.

  1. Create a new redirect

  2. Source URL: Add the URL base /goto/advertisername/(.*)

  3. URL options: Select Regex

  4. Describe the redirect

  5. Match: URL only

  6. When matched: Redirect to URL with http code 302

  7. Target URL

Pay attention as this is very important:

  1. Add the URL

  2. Append $1 after the last slash

The final url should look like$1

Now you can add the tracking group either in the rel attribute or as the standarddata-tracking-group=partnerize

Here is how it looks like in real:

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