Custom Events Names

Trigger and send custom events to AnyTrack and build your own data pipeline across all your marketing tools.

Triggering Custom Events Names

Sometimes, you want to use your own event naming policy.

AnyTrack supports natively all the standard events listed above, but it also possible to trigger custom event names if needed:

  var click_id = AnyTrack('trigger', 'MyCustomEvent', {
    // any other event parameters

Please remember to configure the Event Mapping for each custom event in order to receive it on each pixel as well.

Trigger 10 Seconds View Event

You can trigger a custom event to track 10 second views on your landing page.

Simply add the following code on the landing pagfe you want to track and it will trigger an event called LongVisit after 10 seconds:

  setTimeout(function() {
    AnyTrack('trigger', 'LongVisit');
  }, 10e3);

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