Google Tag Manager

Step by step guide to install the AnyTrack Tag with Google Tag Manager.

What is Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a Free tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update measurement codes and related code fragments collectively known as tags on your website or mobile app, without accessing your website or app code.

If you don't have a Google Tag Manager account, you can open one for free here.

Using Google Tag Manager, you can centralize and manage all your pixels and analytics tags, in a convenient and organize manner.

We recommend using Google Tag Manager, but it's totally optional.

✋ Before you start

If you haven't yet set up a property in AnyTrack, head to the dashboard and add a new property.

The property is the website, funnel or landing page where you'll add the AnyTrack tag.

To create a new Custom HTML tag:

  1. Login to Google Tag Manager

  2. Click Tags > New.

  3. Click Tag Configuration and select Custom HTML.

  4. Copy (ctrl+c) the AnyTrack Tag from the Dashboard and paste (ctrl+b} it into the HTML field.

In Google Tag Manager


The trigger is what will cause the script to load on the page. If you don't add a trigger, the script will be in Google Tag Manager, but it will not load and consequently no tracking will take place.

  1. Add a Trigger

  2. Select Page View

  3. Select All pages

  4. Name the Tag and save your container.

  5. Publish the container.

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