Analytics & Reporting

Where and how do you see your campaign's performances.

AnyTrack provides you with a dashboard where you can see each of your property's high level performances such as Visits, Engagements, Conversions and Revenues.

In addition to the data available on the dashboard, you can access and download your conversion and engagement reports under the property.

How to access the property report:

  1. Navigate to your properties's listing

  2. Open the settings

  3. Select report

You can then query the report according to the type of conversions / engagements, dates, sources etc...

Advanced reporting and data segmentation

AnyTrack will report all conversion events to Google Analytics so you can filter, query, segment your data using the most advanced reporting and data segmentation features provided by Google Analytics.

Since AnyTrack uses the Google Analytics Client ID (the cookie set by Google Analytics), to attribute the conversions, Google Analytics will automatically attribute your conversion events according to their attribution models and rules.

As such, once the conversion has been sent to Google Analytics, you will have the ability to query any Google Analytics reports and see the data accordingly.

Goals Events Dimensions attributes:

  • Event Category

  • Event Action

  • Event Label

  • Event Value

Acquisition report

While Google Analytics has many reports and ways to visualize your data, the acquisition report is probably the one you will be using the most.

Note that when querying the report you can either select All Goals or a specific goal.

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