AnyTrack Initial Setup

Getting started with AnyTrack in 3 easy steps.

The AnyTrack setup is very straight forward. As soon as you will install the script on your site, AnyTrack will start collecting traffic data and send onsite tracked events to your Google Analytics account.

Similar to Google Analytics, AnyTrack requires that you create a website property.

Website property setup

Step 1: Create a property (Name and Domain)

Step 2: Copy and Paste the AnyTrack Script in the head of your site.

Step 3: Setup validation

When you visit your website, the AnyTrack tracking code will load and will send a visit event to the AnyTrack servers

Step 4: Connect with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

When you connect with your Analytics and Facebook pixel, AnyTrack will instantly start syncing engagements such as outbound clicks and form submissions.

About Google Analytics integration:

When you connect with Google Analytics, AnyTrack will create 6 conversion goals within your account. These goals will be used for each types of conversions received by affiliate networks or other sources.

About Facebook Offline Conversions

When you connect with Facebook, you will select the Facebook Pixel as well as the Offline Conversion Set, to which will be attributed the conversions.

Affiliate network setup

Adding an affiliate network in AnyTrack is a straight forward workflow, as most affiliate networks are integrated and all settings are pre-configured.

Step 1: Select the affiliate network

You will find over 50 affiliate networks in AnyTrack's catalog. If you don't find a network you work with, submit a request here

Step 2: Copy the Postback URL and paste it in the affiliate network

When adding a network, further instructions will be displayed

Click tracking

AnyTrack uses two functions to track on-site engagements (outbound clicks) and to pass tracking data into the offer links.


The Auto-Track function "automatically tracks" events on your site, and sends these events to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Taboola and Outbrain. The function identifies

If you publish your offer links directly on your site, AnyTrack will instantly track them.

Hasoffers Example:

If your link appears on your site as provided by Hasoffers - - AnyTrack will identify it and automatically track the clicks made by visitors on the link.

If however, the link is behind a link redirect - such as ThirstyAffiliates - you will need to add the link attribute: data-tracking-group="hasoffers" or edit the rel="nofollow hasoffers" and add the attribute "hasoffers".

<a href="" data-tracking-group="hasoffers" ></a>


In order to track the actual sales conversions, AnyTrack needs to pass a tracking parameter to the offer link. Very much like a key that is passed to the link and returned to AnyTrack in case of a conversion.

Since each affiliate network, advertiser or affiliate software use different type of keys, AnyTrack auto-tags the links dynamically.

For example, when passing the tracking parameter to a link from Commission Junction affiliate network, AnyTrack will pass the key: sid={click_id}

The {click_id} token will be substitute with a dynamic value generated by the AnyTrack tracking code


Affiliate networks that have been integrated have their own instructions. If you need to add an affiliate network that is not integrated, please follow this link.

The validation status of the affiliate network will remain unverified until AnyTrack records the first conversion.

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