What is AnyTrack?

What is AnyTrack service and how it works.

AnyTrack is a lightweight conversion tracking and attribution platform designed to help PPC marketers track and attribute conversions to Google Ads and other ad networks.

AnyTrack intelligently routes click data to affiliate links which allows conversions to be tracked through postback URLs and API.

AnyTrack Postback records conversion data from any affiliate networks and triggers conversion goals set in Google Analytics.

The best way to discover AnyTrack is to try it out. Whether you are using other tracking solutions or not, you can add our script to your site and immediately start seeing the conversion data showing up on your Google Analytics screen.

How does AnyTrack work?

A single line of code will record visits, Call to Action events, form submissions. In addition, to recording those events, the script will intelligently append an autogenerated {click_id} parameter as well as the correct query string to each affiliate link.

This click_id value will be used to track and further attribute the conversions and revenues generated in your affiliate accounts.

How and where are conversions being reported?

While all conversions and revenues are first reported in AnyTrack, they are automatically sent to your Google Analytics account, where you will have the ability to tie your conversion data to the most advanced and granular data-set provided by Google Analytics itself.

If you have added your Facebook pixel ID to your property settings, the conversion events will also be sent to Facebook.

Conversion types

AnyTrack tracks different types of conversions so you can better analyze and segment your marketing data. Regardless of the conversion type, AnyTrack will automatically sync them with your Google Analytics account

On-site conversions: Engagements

On-site conversions are events happening on your website, such as Clicks on Call to Actions or Forms submissions.

Off-site conversions

Off-site conversions are events happening outside of your website such as Affiliate Conversions or eCommerce conversions.