Troubleshooting guidelines

This section will provide you with general troubleshooting guidelines that can help you quickly fix issues you might come across.
In most cases, AnyTrack should work out of the box. But since each site is built differently, promotes different affiliate programs and uses different plugins and scripts, there are some cases that will require some tweaking.
When troubleshooting, you should turn off any adblockers, clean your cookies and work with the latest version of the chrome browser.


  • If your site runs on Wordpress, make sure your plugins are up to date
  • Make sure the AnyTrack tag is excluded from your Caching plugins

AnyTrack settings

  • Your AnyTrack Tag is set in the <head> section of your site.
  • The AnyTrack Tag runs on the domain that you've added to your account.
  • If you've added the AnyTrack tag in Google Tag Manager, make sure it it loads for all page views and that your GTM tag is published (see settings here)

Google Analytics

  • You have connected your property with your Google Analytics account
  • You have imported the predefined goals (when connecting with Google Analytics)
  • Your Google Analytics script runs on all pages of your site
    • Either set on the head of your site
    • Or set through Google Tag Manager

Frequent errors

  • You don't see conversions in GA?
    • It takes up to 24 hours for Google Analytics to process your data.
    • The conversion wasn't tracked by AnyTrack?
      • Is your postback set in the affiliate network?
      • What does the debugger says?
        • Missing Click ID? Invalid clickid? duplicate conversion?
          • Verify that you are passing the click id to the offer link.
          • Verify that you are using the appropriate query string.
    • GA is installed with a third party plugin on your site.
      • These plugins can often interfere with the way the Google Analytics places their cookie.
    • You didn't complete the GA integration in AnyTrack.
      • You will still see the Events in the GA events

Facebook Pixel

  • Your facebook pixel is installed on your site
  • You have connected your Property with Facebook

Google Ads

  • You have connected your Google Analytics and Google Ads account (settings)
  • You have imported your Google Analytics Conversions to your Google Ads account (settings)
    • Note that the first conversion sync between GA and Google Ads can take up to 24 hours.
  • You have added the latest tracking template to your account (settings)
  • Your account has auto-tag settings enabled (settings)

Traffic Sources

  • You have the latest traffic source URL tracking template set in your Traffic Source settings (in Outbrain, Google Ads etc...)
  • You have enabled conversion tracking between AnyTrack and the traffic source. (each traffic source has its own settings. Refer to the documentation)
  • You have configured the goals when required in the Traffic Source Settings.

Affiliate networks

In order to track conversions from affiliate networks, you need to setup your affiliate links according to the spec provided here and set your postback URL within the affiliate network, or add your API Key for CJ Affiliates or FlexOffers
  • Check that the data tracking group link attribute is set on your links
  • If you use a link redirect plugin make sure that it passes query string parameters to the affiliate link (this is a standard feature with most free redirect plugins)
  • Login to your affiliate account and check the reports to see whether the click_id value is being recorded. If it isn't, chances are that the data-tracking-group is not set properly
Learn more about link attributes here
An easy way to verify that the subid/clickid are being sent is by using your browser developer mode (chrome f12) and checking the network request.

Postback URL

  • Check that you have the latest postback URL set in your affiliate network
  • Check that the postback URL is activated (some affiliate networks running on HasOffers require that your affiliate manager activate the postback URL.
  • Global Postback URL vs Offer Specific Postback - some affiliate networks allow to add a postback at the account level and some require that you set the postback for each offer.
  • Check in the affiliate program dashboard that the click_id value is being recorded by the program

Optin Form Tracking

AnyTrack will track any form submission on your site, and send the event to your Google Analytics and other pixels (facebook, taboola, etc..). However if you want the Click ID value to be passed to your CRM, Email marketing
In order for AnyTrack to track forms submissions (newsletter, optins, funnels etc...), each form must have a hidden field with a default value set to {click_id} as shown in the guideline. Each form provider, or landing page builder provider use different types of settings, so you need to refer to the documentation provided. Eventually, when looking at the the source code of your iste, you should see the {click_id} placeholder.

Type of issues:

The {click_id} is not injected in the form.

  • Is a javascript loading the form? If so, AnyTrack cannot inject the value. Contact us.
  • Check that the placeholder is properly set as the "default value" of the appropriate hidden field

The {click_id} is injected in the form but it's not forwarded in the submission URL

  • Check form URL forwarding settings - Since there are hundreds of form providers, we can't provide the actual settings for each of them.
  • Make sure you have added the data-tracking-group attribute to the form.