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Thirsty Affiliates

If you are currently working with ThirstyAffiliates, you simply need to add the affiliate network tracking group name (which you can find under the affiliate network's settings) in the additional rel tags field as shown below.


  • You must have AnyTrack enabled on your site.

  • Your Thirsty Affiliate Plugin must be enabled

General settings

  • Make sure you have "Enable Pass Query strings to destination URL" enabled.

  • The affiliate link used is not a short URL. ex: Impact short URLs do not support dynamic Subid's

  • Remove any subid parameter from the destination URL as AnyTrack will automatically add it..

  1. Edit the the link you'd like to track

  2. In the Link Options add the data tracking group name in the Additional Rel Tags field

  3. Save

Open a clean browser tab and look at your field and you will see that AnyTrack

Example in the illustration below: impact

You can see a live example of this link when you visit this page