Frequently Asked Questions

Trigger Postbacks Programmatically

How to trigger postback url from your site using the AnyTrack TAG.

Once you have added the AnyTrack tag on your webpage, a programmer can trigger postback urls and add AnyTrack {click_id} for attribution automatically.

AnyTrack('postback', '{click_id}');

AnyTrack will automatically trigger that hook and replace {click_id} with the current user client id.

If needed, it’s allowed to send more details with the webhook in the third argument:

AnyTrack('postback', '{click_id}', {
brand_name: 'bar',
value: 59.99,
// ...

Extracting AnyTrack `atclid`

On some cases, it's require to extract AnyTrack client id and use it later for attribution. You can simply do so using the following code:

AnyTrack(function() {
// extract atclid once AnyTrack script is loaded
var atclid = AnyTrack('atclid');
// do something with the click id later on...
console.log('AnyTrack client:', atclid);

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