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Trigger Events Programmatically
How to programmatically trigger engagement & conversions events in AnyTrack.
Once you have added the AnyTrack tag on your webpage, a programmer can trigger programmatically any event via the following scripts:
// trigger an outbound click event
var click_id = AnyTrack('OutboundClick');
The event name could be any standard event name AnyTrack supports:
  • PageView
  • OutboundClick
  • FormSubmit
  • Lead
  • CompleteRegistration
  • Purchase
The return argument is the event {click_id} as string (for example: MAbFl0fhrE5EfBu6fX0FnL02LfS), and it can be used later on to attribute conversion events.

If you want to send additional properties along with the event, you can do so following the below format:
AnyTrack('Purchase', {
id: 'my-link-id', // link id
url: '', // the target link url
label: 'iPhone X', // link label
brand: 'Apple', // product brand name
value: 2.99, // event monetary value / commission
currency: 'EUR', // optional currency (default to propery currency)
transactionId: 'XJW0047', // transaction id
All fields are optional, but the data provided can be useful if you want to create your custom audiences with rich content.

<button type="button" onclick="handleBuyMe">Buy Me</button>
// handle the button click event
function handleBuyMe() {
// generate the click id
var click_id = AnyTrack('OutboundClick', { label: 'Buy Me' });
// redirect the browser to the store location with the click id param
window.location = '' + encodeURIComponent(click_id);

AnyTrack supports e-commerce parameters to track purchase of specific item ids:
var click_id = AnyTrack('Purchase', {
value: 29.9, // the total purchase value
shippingPrice: 5.9, // optional shipping price
taxPrice: 2.9, // optional taxes
currency: 'EUR',
transactionId: 'XJW0047',
items: [{
id: '20291', // the item catalog id (required)
name: 'Sony MDRZX110/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphones',
quantity: 1,
price: 19.9, // the item price (required)
}, {
id: '49292', // the item catalog id (required)
name: '6.35mm Male to 3.5mm Female Headphone Stereo Audio Connector',
quantity: 1,
price: 4.1, // the item price (required)
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