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Redirectless tracking

Redirectless tracking is a tracking method that enables marketers to track links and campaigns without any type of redirect URLs, while providing advanced analytics and improved

What is TRUE redirectless tracking:

The redirectless tracking method allows marketers to track and measure campaigns traffic and website link clicks without adding any redirect URLs.

In ALL traditional tracking solutions, the marketer is still forced to add a click url on their landing page, in order to track the outbound click and send the visitor to the offer link.

Redirectless Tracking Confusion Many affiliate tracking software provide what the call a "Landing Page Pixel" and some call it "Redirectless Tracking". However, all these solutions require to implement a "Click URL" on your landing page, such as ex: https:/ The Click URL is used to redirect visitors to the offer links. These methods are seen and interpreted as "Cloakers" by ad networks like Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

How redirectless tracking works:

To understand how redirectless tracking works, you need to first understand the standard steps a visitor takes from an ad campaign or organic search visit to the merchant's website.

πŸ‘‰Step #1: The visitor clicks on the campaign URL to visit the marketer's landing page where products are advertised.

πŸ‘‰Step #2: The visitor clicks on a product link to visit a merchant's website.

Campaign tracking:

The campaign URL is the marketer's website where standard UTM parameters are appended to the final URL. When visitor click on the campaign URL, they are sent directly to the landing page, without going first through a redirect URL. Upon landing on the landing page, all tracking parameters (UTM and custom) are captured by the AnyTrack TAG.

When visitors click on a product link published on the landing page, they are automatically sent to the product page, without going through a tracking system redirect.

During the Click Event, the AnyTrack TAG will capture the click data, and send it to Google Analytics (and other pixels).

πŸ’‘What are product links:

  • Affiliate LInks

  • Ecommerce links

  • Direct advertiser links

  • Partner links

Why redirectless tracking is important:

Redirectless tracking is important for reasons that affect marketers on many levels:

  • Remove the need of using "Click URL" tracking links required by traditional trackers.

  • Reduce click loss happening between "Click URL" and affiliate offer links.

  • Remove need of cookies to track and redirect "Click URL".

  • Improves conversion by removing interaction and latency between the "Click URL" and the merchant page.

  • Improve compliance with premium ad networks like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which disallow redirect URLs of any kind.

As of June 6th 2020, AnyTrack is the only tracking platform that provides a true redirectless tracking method.

What are the features used by the redirectless tracking method: