Google Analytics Setup

This article will guide you through the setup of conversion goals in your Google Analytics account.

When the AnyTrack script runs on your site along with Google Analytics, the Google Client ID will automatically be captured and associated with the AnyTrack Session ID.

Therefore, when a conversion is recorded by AnyTrack, it uses those values to trigger an event in your Google Analytics account.

From the Google Support site.

Goals measure how well your site fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, that contributes to the success of your business. Examples of goals include making a purchase (for an ecommerce site), completing a game level (for a mobile gaming app), or submitting a contact information form (for a marketing or lead generation site).

Defining goals is a fundamental component of any digital analytics measurement plan. Having properly configured goals allows Analytics to provide you with critical information, such as the number of conversions and the conversion rate for your site or app. Without this information, it's almost impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of your online business and marketing campaigns.

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Google Analytics will instantly record the Events sent by AnyTrack. However, if you want those Events to be interpreted as Conversion Goals, you will need to define them in your Google Analytics account.

AnyTrack Goals' terminology

Once the goals are setup in your Google Analytics account, they will appear as follow.

The Event Action Name must be exactly set as shown below, otherwise the Google Analytics will not record the conversion.

Goal Name

Event Action Name



AnyTrack Form Submit


Any form submitted on your site


AnyTrack CTA Click


Clicks on Call To Action


AnyTrack Lead


Lead Conversions

Affiliate network

AnyTrack CPA


CPA Conversions

Affiliate Network

AnyTrack Sale

Sale Conversions

Affiliate Network

AnyTrack Install


Install / Download

Affiliate Network

Steps to add Goals to your Google Analytics Account

During your property setup you will have the option to add your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

  1. Add your Google Analytics ID (UA-1231231)

  2. Click on the Setup Goal Button - A Google authentication window will pop so you can login to the Google Account to which is associated the Google Analytics property.

  3. Complete the setup flow

This method has been deprecated to favor the Google authentication

Access and import the Goal Template here (you need to be logged in your Google analytics account). Note the Google Analytics Template gallery is best supported with Chrome browser.

Once you've reached the Goal Template you will have the possibility to "import" the template into your Google Analytics Account.

Click the Import Button

Select the property and View

If your email address is associated with more than one Google Analytics account, you will need to select the property and view.

Override Goals in case you reached your goal limit (25)

This can happen when your property has already reached the 25 goals limit set by Google Analytics

Select the Goals to Override

Select unused goals or the goals you want to replace with the AnyTrack Goals.

Upon creating the goals you will be redirected to your Google Analytics account

From this point on, your Conversions will start showing up in your Google Analytics account