Form Submission Tracking

How to setup your forms so that AnyTrack will be able to track submissions.

Prerequisites to track forms submissions:

  • Your form needs to have a hidden field with the following default value: {click_id}

  • If you want to send the Click ID variable to a destination such as your CRM or email marketing software, you should create a custom field in the destination. Consult with your service provider on how to set this up.

Form settings:

  • Add a hidden field

    • Field Name: Any name

    • Field default value: {click_id} (if your form provider doesn't allow curly brackets {} you can add the value in encoded format %7Bclick_id%7D).

Form submission reporting

There are three types of reporting available through AnyTrack.

AnyTrack reporting dashboard

Form submissions are considered as "engagements" since they happen on your website or landing page.

They will appear in different sections of the AnyTrack dashboard so you can have a high level reporting on your KPI's

Analytics platforms

Form submissions will be reported in your analytics platforms.

  • Google Analytics: at.formSubmission

  • Facebook Pixel: Lead

Ad networks / Traffic Sources

If the form submission is attributed to an ad network that has been configured in your AnyTrack account, the Event will be sent to the platform and attributed to the conversion goal you have setup.

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Outbrain

  • Taboola