Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Auto-Track, how it works and how you benefit from it.

AutoTrack is a function provided in the AnyTrack tracking TAG which automatically send engagement events to your analytics and pixels.

What are engagement events:

Engagement events are events that occur on your site, such as outbound clicks and form submissions.

For example:

Any link with the attribute rel="nofollow" will generate a callToAction click event and sent to all your pixels.

Form submissions

Any standard form submission occurring on your site will generate a formSubmit event in AnyTrack, which will be sent to your analytics and pixels.

Additional tracking data (subid, clickid etc...)

While the Events are being tracked automatically, if you would like to use the tracking data further in your funnel, you will need to tag your forms and links.

Once the Links and Forms are tagged, AnyTrack AutoTAG feature will instantly pass additional tracking data to the links and forms.

If you publish your offer links "as is" on your site, they will automatically be AutoTag accordingly.

The AutoTag feature allows you to pass tracking data to your forms and offer links. The tracking data enables further conversions to be tracked across your funnel.