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The AnyTrack Tracking Code

What is the AnyTrack tracking code, what it does and how to set it up.

What is the AnyTrack tracking code?

The AnyTrack tracking code is a JavaScript that sits on your site, and whose role is to connect connect your website, marketing channels, web analytics and affiliate networks or products you are promoting.

When you add a new web property to your AnyTrack account, AnyTrack generates the tracking code script that you need to add to the site you want to measure marketing performances with.

  • You should use this tracking code as is and on one single domain.

  • The tracking code snippet contains a unique identifier for the property.

<!-- AnyTrack Tracking Code -->
<!-- End AnyTrack Tracking Code -->

How to install the tracking code:

The code should be installed on the Head section of your site and can be installed using one of the following methods:

  • Directly on the HTML

  • With Google Tag Manager (or other tag managers)

  • Various Wordpress plugins that allow you to add tracking codes in the head or footer of your site.

Data collection

When you add the tracking code on your site, AnyTrack will collect traffic related data:

  • UTM parameters

  • Referrers

  • User Agent

  • Custom URL parameters

This information is sent to the AnyTrack servers for processing and is used for further tracking and attribution.

Engagement tracking

AnyTrack will track engagement events such as outbound clicks and form submissions. In order for the tracking code to recognize the links and forms to track as engagements, you can use the following helper

  • Add a hidden field to your form with a default value set as {click_id}

  • Append a query string parameter to the links you wish to track ?subid={click_id}

  • If the links are recognized as affiliate links, they will be automatically tracked

This is a link from the AWIN affiliate network

Google Analytics event tracking

AnyTrack will send event tracking to Google Analytics in real-time. There is no need to add any special scripts or tags or use any other plugins.

Facebook Pixel event tracking

AnyTrack will send event tracking to Facebook pixel in real-time

Click tracking

In addition to identify affiliate links, AnyTrack will automatically append subid and clickid references to the links. These clickid/references will then be used for conversion tracking.

This is link from AWIN Affiliate Network. Once it has been identified, AnyTrack appends the querystring and parameter to the link pubref5=CEiJa8Vi4LYukXfzZsxsWD