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Shopify Integration

How to track your Shopify conversions with AnyTrack
Shopify Anytrack integration

How the Shopify integration works

When the AnyTrack TAG is on your Shopify store, it will track the visitors actions taken across the site and at the end of the customer journey, it will fire the conversion data to the AnyTrack API, which will allow you to send the sales data to the various pixels you've added to your property.

Use cases

  • Attribution challenges

  • Working with marketing partners

  • Working with traffic sources that do not support standard pixels

Before you begin

  • You need a Shopify account with Administrator permission

  • You need an AnyTrack paid account

In AnyTrack

  1. Add a new property

  2. Name and URL

  3. Connect Google Analytics and FB Pixel

  4. Copy (ctrl+c) the AnyTrack TAG in your clipboard.

In Shopify

  1. Install the app HT Script on your store

  2. Navigate to Apps -> HT Script

  3. Paste the AnyTrack TAG code under HT Script settings

  4. Save your settings

  5. Naviagete back to Settings -> Checkout

  6. Scroll down to the "Order processing" section

  7. Paste the Anytrack TAG code under the textarea "Additional scripts"

  8. Save your settings

From now on, all conversions triggered in your Shopify shop will fire to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and any other ad networks integrated in your AnyTrack account.