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Custom Affiliate Network Integration

How to integrate a custom affiliate network in AnyTrack

Before you begin

Tracking conversions from affiliate networks that you did not find in the catalog, you should search and/ or select "custom".

You will need the following info in order to complete the integration.

  1. Click Tracking query string: What is the query string to pass to the affiliate link? For example: hasoffers is &aff_sub={click_id} or &aff_click_id={click_id}

  2. Postback Tracking parameters: What are the placeholders that should be added to the AnyTrack postback URL?{aff_sub}

If you can't find this information, please fill this form or send it to your affiliate manager.

Integration steps:

  1. Name the affiliate network

  2. Add the affiliate network's login page

  3. Postback Tracking settings:

    1. Fill each field accordingly and Save This example below is for Zanox.

4. Upon saving, AnyTrack will create and display the postback URL

Conversion logic:

Because not all affiliate networks have the ability to send a conversion type parameter in the postback, we apply a conversion logic based on the values sent in the conversion.

  1. A conversions recorded with 0 commission value will trigger a "lead" conversion event.

  2. Conversions recorded with a commission > 0 will trigger a "sale" conversion.

If you wish to use a different logic or use specific conversion names, please follow these guidelines:

Conversion type parameter

  1. Add &conversion_type=lead to the postback URL

  2. The conversion types supported are: install, acquisition, sale, lead

Conversion types

Conversion type

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel

Allows Duplicates

Lead, cpl

AnyTrack Lead

AnyTrack Lead


install, download, cpi

AnyTrack install

AnyTrack install


Acquisition, cpa

AnyTrack Acquisition

AnyTrack Acquisition


Sale, CPS

AnyTrack Sale

AnyTrack Sale


The default postback url provided by AnyTrack is:

When adding it to your network, just add the conversion_type query string and the name of the conversion.

Click Tracking Settings

In order for AnyTrack to track your affiliate links, you will need to update your affiliate links with the correct query string and the AnyTrack {click_id} placeholder.

There are two methods to update the links:

1. When you publish the offer links "as is" on your site ":

then you will update the link with the query string and zpar4={click_id} placeholder.

2. When you publish your offer links behind a redirect URL, add the query string and placeholder as described.{click_id}

In both cases, AnyTrack will AutoTag the link with the {click_id} value.

You must ensure that your redirect URL can pass the parameter to the destination URL. This is a standard feature with most redirect plugins. Learn more

Troubleshoot conversions tracking

Not seeing conversions? You can see the exact payload sent by the affiliate network in the debugger.