Frequently Asked Questions

CJ Affiliates Integration

How to integrate CJ Affiliates in AnyTrack

How to integrate CJ Affiliates with AnyTrack:

  1. Get a developer account in CJ (click here)

  2. Create a Personal Token

  3. In AnyTrack, CJ Affiliates

  4. Paste your Personal token and publisher ID

  5. Save

Once you've saved the settings, AnyTrack will attempt to connect to CJ API. If the connection is successful your account will be set as verified and conversions will start syncing.

Only future conversions will be recorded. Past traffic cannot be attributed.

Affiliate link tracking

As explain in the affiliate link tracking section AnyTrack Tag will automatically identify affiliate links on your site, according to two criteria

  1. If you've published your links directly on your site (now behind any redirect or cloakers)

  2. According to a link attribute called data-tracking-group="cj"

More info about link attributes here