Taboola Integration

How to integrate AnyTrack with Taboola

Taboola is integrated in AnyTrack so you can instantly make the most out your campaigns.

The Taboola </> AnyTrack integration has the following features.

  1. Onsite event tracking - Clicks on Call to Actions and Form Submissions

  2. Audience Building

  3. Multi-goal Conversion tracking

Prerequisites: Prior to be able to receive conversion in your Taboola account, you need to define your conversion goals in Taboola.

1. Open the conversion settings

2. Create each of the following conversions in order to match each conversion goal predefined in AnyTrack with the standard Conversion types in Taboola.

General Settings

  • Type: Event

  • Based on: Popular

Conversion Goals:

  • Lead (optin)

  • Purchase (sale)

  • Complete registration (CPA)

  • App Install (install)

  • View Content (click on Call To Action)

Additional settings

  • Conversion Window (days)

  • Include in all conversions (reporting)

The Taboola Tracking Template

The Tracking Template has to be added in each campaign

Tracking Template


Settings in AnyTrack

1/ Open the Traffic source tab and toggle Taboola

2/ Enable Conversion tracking

Taboola integration settings.

3/ Copy the tracking URL template.

4/ Navigate to your Taboola Account and open one of your campaign's settings or create a new campaign.

5/ Scroll down to the tracking section and paste the tracking template

Tracking template in Taboola

6/ Save your campaign