Outbrain integration

How to integrate Outbrain with AnyTrack

Enable Conversion Tracking

Once you toggle the Conversion Tracking option, you will have to associate the conversion names set in Outbrain with the standard conversion names in AnyTrack.

In Oubrain:

  1. Navigate to the Conversions setup

  2. Create a new conversion

  3. Select Event Based

In this illustration we have created a "ctaclick" conversion and associated with the "Content View" category.

Outbrain conversion setup

4. Switch back to your AnyTrack dashboard and update the conversion name accordingly.

Repeat this process for each conversion goal you want AnyTrack to send to Outbrain.

5. Save the conversion goal settings

6. Copy the tracking template and Paste it in your Outbrain campaign under the suffix option


Outbrain doesn't have a global setting for the tracking template. Therefore, you need to add the tracking template (suffix) to each of your campaign.