Facebook Pixel Integration

This page provides information and links of interest regarding Facebook Pixel integration.

This integration has been deprecated. Please refer to the Facebook Server Side Integration

The facebook integration guidelines have changed since we integrated the Facebook Pixel Server-Side API. (April 8th 2020)

When you use AnyTrack there’s no need to write custom code in order to start using Facebook Pixel. AnyTrack events are automatically translated into corresponding standard Facebook Pixel events in the background. The standard set of conversion events in AnyTrack are mapped to the standard set of Facebook Pixel events without any additional code.

Facebook Pixel

What happens when you add your Facebook Pixel ID in AnyTrack:

In a nutshell, when you enable the Facebook Pixel integration all your conversions tracked by AnyTrack, whether they come from Facebook campaigns or not, will be synced with your Facebook pixel so you can build re-targeting audiences, according to specific conversion events.

For example: You can re-target users that have generated a Lead conversion, but not a Sale Conversion. This allows you to target users according to their position in the conversion funnel.

To integrate Facebook Pixel in AnyTrack you simply need to add your Facebook Pixel ID during the property setup

Facebook Ads integration

  1. Navigate to the traffic source

  2. Open Facebook Ads

  3. Copy the URL tracking template

  4. Navigate to your Facebook Ad Manager

  5. Open one of your ads' settings and scroll down to the URL Parameters settings

  6. Paste the URL template

  7. Save your ad.

You need to add the URL template to each of your ads.

Facebook Offline Conversions

AnyTrack has a direct integration with Facebook Marketing API which allows you to tie any conversions with Facebook Users.


  1. You need to have a Facebook Business Account - If you don't have one, click here

  2. You need an Ad Account

  3. You need an Offline Conversion Set

In Anytrack

  1. Navigate to the property analytics settings

  2. Click on Connect

  3. You will be prompted to authenticate with your Facebook Account

  4. Select the business account

  5. Select the offline event set

  6. Save

In Facebook

Depending on your settings, your offline conversion event set should be automatically associated with all your ad accounts.

Step by step guide to create an offline conversion event set.

AnyTrack provides you with the tools to connect, track and measure your ads with Facebook. However, it is important to understand that your ads, settings within Facebook are standard settings, not necessarily related to AnyTrack.

Consequently, if you are not familiar with Facebook Ads, we highly recommend that you read the follow articles.